Nicolas Luna Broker

My name is Nicolas Luna. I’m the son of Mexican immigrants. As a health insurance broker, I believe in helping the customer get the right plan at the right budget. I educate customers on the basics of health insurance so they feel confident in the health plan they select.

As a kid, I had my fair share of usage of the healthcare system. Breaking 5 bones helped me learn the system real quick. I was lucky to have worked with compassionate doctors throughout the years. Many of the doctors didn’t charge my parents for the equipment and services they provided me. I believe that these doctor’s kind gestures molded me to become compassionate with my customers.
Adulting is hard. The last thing we want to figure out is health insurance plans. We have careers, kids, daily activities, and family to worry about. Whether it’s selecting a Covered CA plan for yourself or selecting the right Medicare plan for your parents, I would take away stress from your plate by doing the work for you. But it doesn’t stop there. Having over 8 years of experience working for a large health insurance company, I’ll be there to help you if the insurance company gives you a hard time.
I look forward to hearing from you.